Hon­ey on the Page: A Trea­sury of Yid­dish Chil­dren’s Literature

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2019

Hon­ey on the Page lays out a feast of near­ly fifty sto­ries and poems for chil­dren, trans­lat­ed from the orig­i­nal Yid­dish. Arranged by theme, the book takes read­ers from Jew­ish hol­i­days and his­to­ry; to folk­tales and fairy tales; to sto­ries of human­is­tic ethics, wis­dom and fool­ish­ness, class con­scious­ness, and fam­i­ly. Most of the works includ­ed have nev­er before appeared in Eng­lish. High­light­ing mate­r­i­al from the first decades of the twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry and stretch­ing into the 1970s, this vol­ume begins the work of restor­ing a neglect­ed col­lec­tion of lit­er­ary his­to­ry that helps to tell the sto­ry of the Jew­ish twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry. Fea­tur­ing mate­r­i­al by promi­nent and less­er-known authors pub­lished in East­ern Europe, New York, and Latin Amer­i­ca, this anthol­o­gy spans the Yid­dish-speak­ing globe. It offers a rich resource both to stu­dents of Jew­ish his­to­ry and lit­er­ary cul­ture, as well as to fam­i­lies and edu­ca­tors seek­ing lit­er­a­ture that speaks to Jew­ish chil­dren about their reli­gious, cul­tur­al, and eth­i­cal heritage.

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