How to Break Up with Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life

  • From the Publisher
March 29, 2018

Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morn­ing and the last thing you touch before bed? Do you fre­quent­ly pick it up just to check,” only to look up forty-five min­utes lat­er won­der­ing where the time has gone? Do you say you want to spend less time on your phone, but have no idea how to do so with­out giv­ing it up com­plete­ly? If so, this book is your solu­tion. Award-win­ning jour­nal­ist Cather­ine Price presents a prac­ti­cal, hands-on plan to break up, and then make up, with your phone. The goal? A long-term rela­tion­ship that actu­al­ly feels good. In a world of hyper-dis­trac­tion, this book makes the case for unplug­ging and mak­ing time for friends, fam­i­ly, or reflection.

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