I Have a Little Dreidel

Scholastic Cartwhell Books  2006


This adaptation of the dreidel song is paired with a rhyming story about a family and their relatives celebrating Hanukkah. They prepare and eat latkes, light eight candles (in the menorah, which is shown but not identified) and play the dreidel game. The story is on the left side of the book, and the refrain of the dreidel song appears on each facing page, framed in lovely blue and white painted borders. The borders look like papercuts, complete with Jewish stars and dreidels. The rollicking colorful gouache illustrations add to the child appeal, and will make this fun for families or teachers to read aloud.

This was reviewed from a proof, which indicates that the completed book will include the music for the song, as well as directions for making latkes. Hopefully, it will also include directions for playing the dreidel game. The text says “some take pennies out and put pennies in, and it drops and then I win,” but it doesn’t tell what the Hebrew letters stand for, nor does it give their numeric value or clear directions for playing the game.

Recommended for ages 3–6, based on what the completed book will contain.

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