It Takes a Little Crazy to Make a Difference

Motivational Press Inc.  2015


Struggling with her divorce and her commitment to life as an Orthodox Jewish woman and mother, Dafna Michaelson takes off to all 50 states to find and share stories of ordinary people solving problems in their community. Driven by her commitment to tikkun olam, she learns as she shares the stories of others to find her place and follow her conflicted heart when her non-Jewish boyfriend and love of her life proposes. During her travels, Dafna’s “50 in 52 Journey” was featured by Maya Angelou and shared by Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning, driving many to hear the stories of the 500 people she met. 65% of the people she interviewed turned out to be Jewish men, women, and young adults from every corner of our country, driven to heal the world. Dafna’s book recounts her journey over one calendar year and shares her struggles with Orthodoxy and her commitment to faith and community.

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