Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing

Kavanot Press  2013


This simple and profound collection of meditations, poetry and prayer is from well-known liturgist Alden Solovy, whose voice emerged after the sudden death of his wife from traumatic brain injury. This resource offers prayers of joy, thanks and praise. It also tackles challenging topics including cancer, infertility, Alzheimer's disease, gun violence and alcoholism and includes a variety of specialized Yizkor (memorial) prayers. Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing is an essential addition to a life of prayer, including more than 150 new prayers, a prologue by Rabbi Susan Silverman and a forward by Rabbi William H. Lebeau. Many of the prayers include English, Hebrew and transliterated closings. Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing is a resource for moments of sorrow and celebration. It will deepen your spiritual voice and become a vital guide to personal prayer.

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