Kab­bal­ah For Teens

Louis Bel­mont
  • Review
By – October 24, 2011

In an easy-to-read style, the author out­lines the ten prin­ci­ples of Kab­bal­ah, show­ing teens how they can apply these to their dai­ly life. Each chap­ter explains a con­cept, or Sefi­rah,” then shows teens how they can use that con­cept in order to make good choic­es for themselves. 

Bel­mont has writ­ten a sort of a self-help book which teens and adults who are inter­est­ed in the Kab­bal­ah on this lev­el, as a deeply spir­i­tu­al sys­tem,” will enjoy read­ing. With cur­rent height­ened inter­est in the sub­ject, thanks to such per­son­al­i­ties as Madon­na and Deep­ak Chopra, this will be a use­ful pur­chase as a begin­ning intro­duc­tion to Kab­bal­ah. The author is a life-long stu­dent of Kab­bal­ah, and stress­es that the prin­ci­ples aren’t easy, but that study­ing it can pro­vide a set of tools for mak­ing one’s life bet­ter in every way.” Ages 12 and up.

Andrea David­son is the librar­i­an of The Tem­ple-Tifer­eth Israel in Beach­wood, Ohio. She holds an M.L.S. from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Michi­gan and is a for­mer mem­ber of the Syd­ney Tay­lor Book Awards Com­mit­tee. She enjoys try­ing out the books she reviews on the kids at the Tem­ple and on her grandchildren.

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