Last Instructions: A Thriller (Agent 10483)

St. Martin's Press  2018


At the end of Hezroni’s previous novel, Three Envelopes, the psychopath Agent 10483 vows revenge on The Organization and those directly involved in preparing him for his missions. Last Instructions tells readers of Agent 10483’s continued adventures and diabolical plans. Readers will find themselves fixated on the protagonist’s search for a hidden nuclear warhead to use against his enemies. Agent 10483 must also avoid two assassins who are tracking him, as well as the mysterious Herr Schmidt. Also in the fray is Carmit, the psychologist responsible for training him as an operative.

Hezroni intersperses passages from 1083’s logs with narrative, giving readers a vivid sense of intelligence work. It is dangerous and demanding, taking an enormous toll on all involved. In this case, it is difficult to decide who is good and who is evil because The Organization trained a psychopath to be an assassin. Readers will have an opportunity to get into the minds of all parties as they follow the intricate plot. The author spent several years working in military intelligence in the Israeli army, so he knows his subject well.

Exciting and disturbing, this book will appeal to adrenaline junkies and those who enjoy Daniel Silva. Book clubs will have much to discuss with the political and ethical issues raised. This is a good choice for public library fiction collections and synagogue libraries that collect contemporary Israeli fiction.

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