Leave Me

  • From the Publisher
May 3, 2016

Mari­beth Klein is your typ­i­cal over­worked, overex­tend­ed default par­ent. She’s so busy that she does­n’t real­ize she’s hav­ing a heart attack, and so depend­ed upon by her fam­i­ly that after heart surgery, she can­not recu­per­ate. So she does the unthink­able: packs a bag and leaves. Only then does she begin to under­stand what she is real­ly run­ning from.

With big-heart­ed char­ac­ters who stum­ble and trip, grow and for­give, Leave Me is about fac­ing our fears, an irre­sistible nov­el that con­fronts the ambiva­lence of mod­ern moth­er­hood head-on.

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