Let My Children Cook! A Passover Cookbook for Kids

Judaica Press  2014


Tamar Ansh has confected a delicious treat for children and their significant adults to share and enjoy in their Passover kitchens. It’s a children’s cookbook filled with Passover recipes which seem delectable and appealing even on the page. The whimsical and charm­ing graphics as well as the clear and lively fonts draw in the reader and would-be cook and nudge one toward the kitchen to start mixing and stirring, preheating and skewering. This reviewer, who wears another chef’s hat as grandmother, can’t wait to invite the kids for a fun and tasty time.

The recipes are all quite simple and some require no cooking at all. Ingredients are read­ily available and presentation is addressed as an important part of the meal. The directions couldn’t be clearer; each recipe lists the ingre­dients in a “Let’s get to it” section, spells out the simple preparation steps in a “And here’s how you do it” section, designates whether the recipe is meat, dairy or pareve, and tells how many the recipe serves. Safety tips in the kitchen are emphasized throughout the book both in written and graphic form. Parents will be glad to see that other simple lessons such as helping to clean up are not forgotten either.

There is an arts and crafts project section so the table can look as beautifully homemade and child-oriented as the finished recipes once they are plated, garnished and served.

It’s nice to remember that Pesach prepara­tions need not feel like drudgery. They can be fun, educational family experiences which can enhance the holiday and bake in some wonderful, long-lasting memories.

Tastily and highly recommended for chil­dren ages 7 and up and parents (or grandpar­ents!) to enjoy together.

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