Mrs. Wheel­bar­row’s Prac­ti­cal Pantry: Recipes and Tech­niques for Year-Round Preserving

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May 22, 2014

The indis­pens­able guide to year-round food pre­serv­ing, includ­ing recipes to use what has been preserved.

Home pre­serv­ing expert Cathy Bar­row presents a world of prac­ti­cal and easy-to-mas­ter tech­niques for pre­serv­ing fruits, veg­eta­bles, meats, and fish, can­ning beans and soups, and mak­ing cheese. From dou­ble straw­ber­ry jam and chile-spiked toma­toes to duck con­fit and home­made panc€etta, Mrs. Wheelbarrow€s Prac­ti­cal Pantry gives read­ers the tools to turn the fleet­ing abun­dance of the farm­ers€ mar­ket into a well-stocked pantry. It arms home cooks with clear instruc­tions for water-bath pro­cess­ing and pres­sure can­ning and fur­ther inspires read­ers with more than 150 col­or pho­tographs that fea­ture fresh pro­duce in sea­son, cook­ing tech­niques, and fin­ished dishes.

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