My Yid­dish Vacation

Ione Skye; Scott Menchin, illus.
  • Review
March 30, 2015

Vibrant, play­ful illus­tra­tions strike just the right tone in this homage to the Yid­dish lan­guage — and to a cer­tain kind and genera­tion of Jew­ish grand­par­ents. Ruth and Sam­my have arrived for a week­end vis­it in Flori­da with their grand­par­ents. While there, they shvitz in the pool area and inter­act with all the mach­ers, yen­tas, alter kock­ers, and the like. There’s not much of a sto­ry here — just some kids kick­ing back with Grand­ma and Grand­pa — but it can’t be beat as an intro­duc­tion to Yid­dish. (A straight­for­ward glos­sary is at the back of the book.) Oy vey, what a fun read! 

Rec­om­mend­ed for ages 5 – 8.

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