Near­ing Nine­ty: And Oth­er Come­dies of Late Life

  • From the Publisher
July 24, 2018

In Near­ing Nine­ty, best­selling author Judith Viorst can­did­ly shares the com­pli­cat­ed joys and every­day tribu­la­tions that await us at the age of nine­ty, all with a large dose of humor and an under­stand­ing that noth­ing — well, almost noth­ing — in life should be tak­en too seriously. 

While she strug­gles to make it to mid­night on New Year’s Eve, while she’s start­ing to hear more eulo­gies than sym­phonies, while she’ll for­ev­er be dis­heart­ened by what she weighs (and for­ev­er unable to stop weigh­ing her­self), there is plen­ty to cher­ish at nine­ty: hang­ing out with the peo­ple she loves. Play­ing a relent­less game of Scrab­ble. And still sleep­ing tush-to-tush with the same man to whom she’s been mar­ried for six­ty years.

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