Oil: Israel’s Covert Efforts to Secure Oil Supplies

Zvi Alexan­der
  • Review
By – August 15, 2012
Zvi Alexan­der writes a mem­oir so com­pelling that his own exploits com­pete with any spy thriller. 

Mem­oirs pro­vide the read­er with a glimpse of his­to­ry as seen through the prism of the author’s eye. This author spent much of his life devot­ed to a sin­gle task, bring­ing oil to Israel. In achiev­ing his goal, Zvi Alexan­der takes his read­ers along as he for­ays into dark­est Africa and into smoke-filled back­room board meet­ings, along bar­ren desert land­scapes atop seas of black gold and on the pri­vate jets of the rich, the famous and the infamous. 

Israel is a coun­try that needs oil and has none. So how does Israel get her oil? How did this author help Israel get her oil? In one chap­ter an Egypt­ian Jew, exiled because of the 1956 Sinai Cam­paign, ends up own­ing a trav­el agency in Tel Aviv. He and Alexan­der start doing busi­ness togeth­er get­ting for­eign oil com­pa­nies to invest in Egypt’s oil pro­duc­tion. Then comes the true-to-life thriller twist. The Egypt­ian Jew is real­ly an Egypt­ian spy. 

Zvi Alexan­der gives us a behind-thescenes look into the intrigue and machi­na­tions nec­es­sary to bring oil, the miss­ing nat­ur­al resource, to Israel.
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