Pain: A Novel

  • From the Publisher
January 1, 2013

A pow­er­ful yet sub­tle nov­el that expos­es how the pas­sions of the past test our capac­i­ty to make choic­es at the very moment when life sends us back to what is essen­tial. Ten years after she was seri­ous­ly injured in a ter­ror­ist attack, the pain comes back to tor­ment Iris. But that is not all: Eitan, the love of her youth, also comes back into her life. And although their rela­tion­ship end­ed many years ago, she was more deeply wound­ed when he left her than by the sui­cide bomber who blew him­self up next to her. 

After years of liv­ing with­out pas­sion and joy, Eitan brings them back. Unhap­pi­ly, she must con­coct all sorts of lies to con­ceal her love from her fam­i­ly and the lies become increas­ing­ly com­pli­cat­ed. Iris is in an impos­si­ble predica­ment and in order to decide, she tries to fath­om whether her love with Eitan can heal all her pain, and more essen­tial­ly, whether in the process she would have to hurt the peo­ple who are clos­est to her.

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