Pat, Roll, Pull

Hachai  2012


One Friday at preschool, Leah and her class­mates get a lesson in making challah. Each child gets enough dough for her very own loaf. Pat, roll, pull! Leah’s braiding skills, however, are not terribly advanced and Leah is worried about her friends’ reactions. But rather than laughing at her, her supportive friends laugh right along with her, imagining their loaves as marshmallow families or ice cream mountains or balloons about to burst. And surprise! When the loaves come out of the oven, they look just right for Shabbat dinner. It’s a little puzzling that Leah’s braiding mantra is “over, under”; most people probably braid “over, over” (or perhaps “over from the right, over from the left”), and the illustrations, with their big-eyed little girls, border on the cutesy. But the book nicely conveys the joy taken in learning some­thing new and in having good friends to share it with. The characters’ embrace and celebra­tion of imperfection is particularly welcome and makes the book a solid choice for sharing in a classroom setting. Challah recipe included. Recommended for ages 2 to 5.

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