Pilgrim: Risking the Life I Have to Find the Faith I Seek

Hudson Street Press  2014


Secular Jew Lee Kravitz is adrift. Shaken deeply by 9/11 and the loss of his job, he finds himself yearning for God and a spiritual home. His wife, an atheist, can't understand why their family life isn't enough for Lee, and his friends can't relate. Then Lee suffers what he thinks is a heart attack, and he realizes that he must take action on his spiritual longings whatever the cost. Lee's journey takes him from silent Quaker meetings and Buddhist meditation groups to Hindu ecstatic chanting sessions and a candlelit Christmas Eve mass. Along the way, he explores the latest research on how religion, belief and various spiritual practices effect our brains, emotions and health. Eventually, all roads lead him to a Jewish Renewal community in Lee's neighborhood that transforms his understanding of Judaism and his life.

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