Rec­ol­lect­ing Freud

Isidor Sadger
  • Review
By – July 26, 2012
In this short book by a stu­dent and col­league of Freud, we get to view the father of psy­cho­analy­sis in an unusu­al light. Rec­ol­lect­ing Freud, a trans­la­tion, con­sists of Sadger’s mem­o­ries of his numer­ous meet­ings with his teacher. Though Sadger is not known to many of us, his thoughts about Freud are intrigu­ing and his take on Freud’s per­son­al­i­ty pro­vides new insights. Here, Freud is not on his usu­al pedestal. Sadger paints him as a humor­less man who was great­ly affect­ed emo­tion­al­ly by anti- Semitism.
Erin Can­tor is an inte­ri­or design­er, teacher of read­ing and math to third-graders, and a returned Peace Corps volunteer.

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