Shabbos, Shabbos I Love You!

Hachai Publishing  2013


Playful rhymes introduce the young reader to beautiful feelings about Shabbat and its observance. The protagonists, a brother and sister, mention everything they love about Shabbat, from candles, to kiddush, to favorite foods, to kissing the Torah in shul, to Havdalah. The text begins: “Shabbos, Shabbos, I love you, You're such a special day. And every week when you arrive, I wish that you would stay!” The parents are loving and engaged with the children throughout. Lively and colorful child-friendly illustrations manifest the enjoyment and pleasure the children derive from their Shabbat experience. Laminated pages make it comfortable for young hands not to worry about ruining the book. A glossary of Hebrew and Yiddish words used in the text precedes the story. The children and their parents dress in ultra-Orthodox dress and observe the Sabbath fully.

Recommended for children ages 2-5 and good for use in a Jewish preschool.

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