Son of a Bitch: Inspired by True Events

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March 29, 2018

Imma­tu­ri­ty, sim­mer­ing anger, and years of ther­a­py – bud­ding defense attor­ney, Ben­jamin Scales owes it all to his mother.

She dragged him through hell while claw­ing her way to the top of the sex­ist, male-dom­i­nat­ed legal pro­fes­sion, sac­ri­fic­ing every­thing to build a life for her­self and her son – a bizarre and bro­ken life, but a life. Under her fero­cious veneer, Carter Scales is a shat­tered and lone­ly woman.

They haven’t spo­ken in years, but when she is caught in fla­grante delic­to with her star client, the leader of the noto­ri­ous Saluc­ci Crime Fam­i­ly, Carter turns to the one per­son she thinks should always have her back.

But why should he help her?

Son of a Bitch explores the per­il of a par­ent / child rela­tion­ship amidst the crazy world of crim­i­nal defense. At times it’s gut-bust­ing fun­ny, oth­er times it’s bit­ing and a tad raunchy. It’s also shock­ing and sad. Most impor­tant­ly, though, it’s about sec­ond chances. It’s a tale of moth­er­hood and man­hood, for­give­ness and redemp­tion, and a moth­er’s hope that her lit­tle boy, now a man, will close his eyes to the past and open his heart to the future.

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