Zinc Plate Press  2008

This small but powerful book tells a story in deeply emotional terms, yet manages to follow a straightforward path that points directly at Judaic love, and by doing so not only reflects our own, but at the same time broadens and strengthens it. Akira wrote the words and his wife, Ellie, designed the pages, culminating in a book that is a pleasure to hold, read, look at, and absorb. Complete with a timeline that traces the roots of Akira’s Judaism back to his Jewish great-grandfather and down to his baby son, it takes the reader on a journey from the Russian pogroms of 1911 to the birth of Boaz Jules Ohiso in New York City in 2006. Akira himself was born in 1970, the child of interracial parents, his mother an Irish-Russian Jew, his father a Japanese immigrant. He converted to Judaism in 2003, a year before his marriage to a Jewish woman, finding himself at a spiritual crossroads that offered to both enhance and reinforce his beliefs, offering him the kind of Judaic nourishment he now lovingly passes on to his son. This book is the story of that journey.

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