Teacher Troubles for Jelly Eli Z.

Menucha Publishers  2018


Fourth grader Eli Zipperbaum doesn't like to sit still in class. He'd rather eat jellybeans, wear silly glasses, crack jokes, and let his mind wander. He can figure out math problems when he needs to, is happy to help his grandmother and his friends when they need it, and is an all-around nice guy, but paying attention in school is too much work and doesn't seem to be worth his while.

One day, Eli notices the principal peering in at him through the glass window of the classroom door. It happens several days in a row and seems very suspicious. Eli wonders why he’s being watched. What is he doing wrong? What is the principal thinking? But maybe Eli isn't the one being evaluated after all. Is it the teacher who’s in trouble, and can Eli help?

David Adler's new book for Menucha Publishers is set in an Orthodox school and features a personable cast of young characters. This engaging easy reader is recommended for ages 7 to 10.

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