The Challah That Took Over the House

Eclectic Ivri Press  2016


Raizy, recently moved to a new apartment with her parents, is not happy in her new location. The three other girls her age who live there have not been friendly. However, one Friday afternoon they find themselves faced with a problem too big for any of them to solve alone, when the challah dough they each brought home from school to bake suddenly grows into a huge, talking monster that takes over the house. They must cooperate and jointly use all of their individual interests and abilities in order to overcome the oozing, growing creature that has a mind of its own and threatens to take over the whole neighborhood.

This story is a chapter book appropriate for early readers. Illustrations, scattered throughout the text, are simple line drawings, meant to enhance the story. Although all the characters are girls, their amusing adventures and heroics would be of interest to any child. At the end of the book, recipes for challah in all the variations mentioned in the text are included.

The book presumes a knowledge of Jewish customs and vocabulary which would be typical of a Jewish day-school student, but might be unfamiliar to those living a more secular life. There is also one comment made by an Israeli character which illustrates a negative stereotype of Israelis. Nevertheless, on the whole, this is an enjoyable read.

Recommended for ages 7-10.

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