The Chang­ing Chris­t­ian World: A Brief Intro­duc­tion for Jews

Rab­bi Leonard A. Schoolman
  • Review
By – February 15, 2012
This is an excel­lent intro­duc­tion, which states its inten­tion to be for Jews about Chris­tian­i­ty. But Rab­bi School­man, who works in the field of inter­faith dia­logue, has writ­ten a book that is equal­ly suit­ed to intro­duce many Jews to Judaism, and many Chris­tians, as well as non-Chris­tians, to Chris­tian­i­ty as well as Judaism. Its focus is on Amer­i­can Judaism and Chris­tian­i­ty, but not exclu­sive­ly. Top­ics include the­o­log­i­cal areas like Jesus, Mes­si­ah, end times, sin, and how the Bible is viewed, and inter-rela­tion­al con­cerns like the state of Israel, var­i­ous kinds of Chris­t­ian church­es, and reli­gious influ­ences on the U.S. gov­ern­ment. It is bal­anced and basic, but inter­est­ing; the kind of intro­duc­tion you can rec­om­mend with con­fi­dence. Bib­li­og­ra­phy, glos­sary, and sug­gest­ed readings.
Mark D. Nanos, Ph.D., Uni­ver­si­ty of Kansas, is the author of Mys­tery­of Romans, win­ner of the 1996 Nation­al Jew­ish Book Award, Charles H. Revson­Award in Jew­ish-Chris­t­ian Relations.

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