The Hanukkah Hop!

Simon & Schuster  2011


Erica Silverman’s latest book introduces what may become a new tradition in many households, The Hanukkah Hop.  Using a rhyming text with an added dose of jazz, she weaves a tale around Rachel’s family, creating their Hanukkah celebration with a twist, literally.  All the ingredients are there: dreidels, jelly donuts, latkes, the menorah, candles, the Maccabees, and the oil and, when a klezmer band arrives, the party starts hopping. Family and friends join in the merriment as they celebrate with the Mazel-Tones and a playful biddy-biddy bim-bom bop floats from page to page.  The illustrations by Steven D’Amico are joyous and reminiscent of the 50’s with a twenty-first century edge.  One might find a relative of one’s own on every page.  You will find yourself humming biddy-biddy bim-bom and tapping your feet as his artwork draws you further into the story. This is a perfect tale to set the stage for Hanukkah that will delight young and old and perhaps entice some to begin their own family traditions.  Recommended for all ages. 

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