The Last Place You Look

Flamingo Rampant  2017


A lively, diverse family celebrates Passover at the home of Bubbie Rose and Bubbie Ida Flora. Everyone participates and has a grand time, but when it comes time to eat the afikomenat the end of the meal, it’s nowhere to be found. All the children enthusiastically join the search, turning up many interesting objects, but the afikomen is still missing. Bubbie Rose assures the children it will be in the last place they look, and sure enough it is found—even if a bit crushed—and the family is able to continue the seder with joy.

The publisher’s mission is to produce feminist, racially-diverse, LGBTQ-positive children's books. They fulfill this goal with subtlety and finesse; the message is clear but doesn't get in the way of the fun and charming story. It manifests primarily in the brightly colored, cheerful illustrations by showing a family with a variety of skin tones, sexual preferences, and individual styles of dress, including some who wear kippot. The apartment belongs to both bubbies, and they seem to be a long-established, loving couple. One family member has a guide dog, and the children's names reflect a variety of backgrounds. There are other subtle but clear evidences of a happy melange of family acceptance, and the tone is warm throughout. The declaration at the end of a traditional seder, usually translated as "next year in Jerusalem" is written in Hebrew. This book fills a gap for those looking for LGBTQ-positive materials for children.

Recommended for ages 5 to 8.

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