The Lit­tle Book of Bas­ket­ball Law

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May 13, 2013

On a rainy day in Decem­ber of 1891, Dr. James Nai­smith was try­ing to keep his gym class active with a fun indoor game that could also keep up the req­ui­site lev­el of fit­ness through the long Mass­a­chu­setts win­ter. After reject­ing sev­er­al exist­ing sports as bad­ly suit­ed to the indoors or too rough, he nailed a peach bas­ket onto an ele­vat­ed track and wrote the basic rules of the game we now know as bas­ket­ball. Dr. Nai­smith nev­er could have fore­seen the skill, pop­u­lar­i­ty, and finan­cial rise of the game he inad­ver­tent­ly cre­at­ed. And of course, with promi­nence and mon­ey come inter­est­ing legal dilem­mas. Explore more than 20 fas­ci­nat­ing cas­es that have arisen at all lev­els of the game in The Lit­tle Book of Bas­ket­ball Law, includ­ing: The Rights of Sea­son Tick­et Hold­ers; What Rights do Pro­fes­sion­al Bas­ket­ball Play­ers have in their Names?; Con­tentious Team Sales; Is the NCAA a State Play­er?; Who’s respon­si­ble when a play­er gets hurt?; Sex­u­al Harass­ment in the Front Office; Spec­ta­tor Injuries. This legal look at one of Amer­i­ca’s favorite sports is a fun and unique way to cel­e­brate the game, col­lege, pro, or neigh­bor­hood court.

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