The Littlest Levine

Kar-Ben Publishing  2014


Little ones can share how frustrating it is to be the little one, then kevel over the gloriously successful, happy ending to this adorable new picture book. Grandfather provides the philosophy of patient waiting and the secret solution, which leads being little to victory. A three-generation, pleasant, functional family generates appealing characters to populate the plot. Protagonist Hannah is stymied by her size, facing daily tasks and special jobs during the holidays of Sukkot, Hanukkah and Purim. Passover Seder is the last straw. Everyone else has everything under control; Hannah mopes, she is without an assignment. Grandpa taps her to come to his study to prepare for a special surprise. Dressed and ready for the big night, Hannah shines reciting the just-learned four questions, traditionally reserved for the youngest, usually also the littlest. The best part is the mixture of fun, promise and holiday joy. Mobile, pastel, modern art supports the quickly moving, chipper dialog. Highly recommended for delivering warm Jewish family life and holiday practices at home. Here is adorable without treacle and with legs!

Recommended for ages 5-7.

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