The Market Wedding

Groundwood Books  2014


Based on an old Yiddish tale, The Market Wedding tells the story of Morris the fishmonger and Minnie the hat seller. They sell their wares from nearby market stalls and fall in love when their eyes meet one day over a shared laugh. Of course, concludes the love-struck Morris, nothing but the finest, fanciest wedding celebration will do for his Minnie. So, they can’t afford it. Morris reasons that if he spends all his money on a lavish wedding, the neighbors they’ve invited will be so impressed that they’ll shower the bride and groom with only the most magnificent gifts. To Minnie, the plan smells fishy. She’s right; the guests are so intimidated that they don’t even show up. Luck¬≠ily, when the newly married pair trudge sadly home to their empty (no money, remember?!) apartment, all their friends are waiting. Before long, the apartment is filled with love and laughter, as well as neighborly contributions of food, drink, music, and furnishings. This is a lovely, old-fashioned story, richly and evocative¬≠ly illustrated, that honors what is really precious in life: friendship, love, and—well, living within one’s means.

Now reissued, this was a Sydney Taylor Honor Book.

Recommended for ages 7-10.

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