The Ten Com­mand­ments: Still the Best Path to Follow

Den­nis Prager, Mike Motz, illus.
  • Review
December 9, 2015

This intro­duc­tion to the Ten Com­mand­ments explores what the words mean, and why they are just as impor­tant today as they were when they were first giv­en to us thou­sands of years ago. The writ­ing is exact­ly what one would expect from writer and lec­tur­er Den­nis Prager: clear, con­cise, and con­vinc­ing. It straight­for­ward­ly presents the com­mand­ments as a guide to mak­ing good choic­es and liv­ing a good life, no bells or whis­tles need­ed. Prager begins: Imag­ine a world with­out sad­ness, fear, or evil. That is what God wants for all of us. That is why He gave us the Ten Com­mand­ments.” Though the illus­tra­tions are bland, this book is a good addi­tion to any collection. 

Rec­om­mend­ed for ages 6 – 10.

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