The Tragedy of Moses

  • From the Publisher
May 16, 2017

Leader. Prophet. Lib­er­a­tor. Moses was the only human per­mit­ted to know God face to face— and yet what do we know of him? With humor and deep empa­thy, this book (most­ly in verse) exam­ines some of the ques­tions about Moses that have per­plexed Bib­li­cal schol­ars for gen­er­a­tions: * Why did God wait 400 years before decid­ing to res­cue the Israelites? * Why were the Israelites sub­ject­ed to forty years of wan­der­ing in the Sinai Desert when it was pos­si­ble to cross in just a few weeks? * Why was­n’t Aaron pun­ished for being the ring­leader in the con­struc­tion of the Gold­en Calf, or for his attempt to over­throw Moses? * Why did God kill the inno­cent togeth­er with the guilty? * And final­ly the tragedy of Moses: Why did God so ruth­less­ly pun­ish Moses for a minor infrac­tion by not allow­ing him to enter the Promised Land? With insights that make this ancient sto­ry rel­e­vant to our con­tem­po­rary lives. The Tragedy of Moses illu­mi­nates a com­plex hum­ble man who grap­ples to under­stand and obey a volatile mer­cu­r­ial God.

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