The Ways We Hide: A Novel

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

From The New York Times best­selling author of Sold On A Mon­day — over a mil­lion copies sold!

As a lit­tle girl raised amid the hard­ships of Michi­gan’s Cop­per Coun­try, Fen­na Vos learned to focus on her own sur­vival. That abil­i­ty sus­tains her even now as the Sec­ond World War rages in far­away coun­tries. Though she per­forms onstage as the assis­tant to an unruly escape artist, behind the cur­tain she’s the mas­ter­mind of their act. Ulti­mate­ly, con­trol­ling her sur­round­ings and elud­ing traps of every kind helps her keep a lin­ger­ing trau­ma at bay.

Yet for all her plan­ning, Fen­na does­n’t fore­see being called upon by British mil­i­tary intel­li­gence. Tasked with design­ing escape aids to thwart the Ger­mans, MI9 seeks those with spe­cial­ized skills for a war near­ing its break­ing point. Fen­na reluc­tant­ly joins the uncon­ven­tion­al team as an inven­tor. But when a test of her loy­al­ty draws her deep into the fray, she dis­cov­ers no mis­sion is more treach­er­ous than escap­ing one’s past.

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