Where Am I?

Ruchy Schon
  • Review
By – September 1, 2011
This is an adorable large sized board book for tod­dlers and preschool­ers who come from obser­vant fam­i­lies. Each page shows a child in their com­mu­ni­ty — at the den­tist, library, in shul, etc. The text on each page is a qua­train poem, rhyming in the sec­ond and fourth lines. The words are sim­ple to read and under­stand for lit­tle ones. Pho­tographs are mixed with graph­ics to give each page the look of a scrap­book. Because the pic­tures are tak­en in a vari­ety of loca­tions, even less obser­vant fam­i­lies can share this book with their chil­dren. This real­is­tic detail allows for young chil­dren to see them­selves as active mem­bers of their com­mu­ni­ty, both sec­u­lar and reli­gious. Ages 1 – 4.
Rachel Ros­ner is the Direc­tor of the Jew­ish Book Fes­ti­val in Rochester, NY. She also runs Jew­ish Fam­i­ly Pro­grams for the JCC, and has worked there since 1994. She holds a degree in Ear­ly Child­hood Edu­ca­tion from Syra­cuse University.

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