• From the Publisher
May 3, 2016

Three nice Jew­ish girls share a dor­mi­to­ry room on the cam­pus of the Ohio State Uni­ver­si­ty in Sep­tem­ber of 1956. 53 years lat­er, they sit togeth­er and share the sto­ries of their lives.
The val­ues and strengths of mid­dle-class Jew­ish fam­i­lies in the 1950s Mid­west is reflect­ed in the deci­sions these young women made and set the tone of their adult lives. Each expect­ed the same life: mar­ry, have chil­dren, live hap­pi­ly ever after. Each life had its own sto­ry. The one con­stant was the strength of their Jew­ish identity.

Wid­ow-Wise is vivid in descrip­tion and laced with humor as the author pos­es thoughts and obser­va­tions about wid­ow­hood, sex, and real­i­ties in today’s world.

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