For all of you fol­low­ers of A.J. Jacobs (The Year of Liv­ing Bib­li­cal­ly) and Benyamin Cohen (My Jesus Year), here’s anoth­er one for your shelves…Good Book: The Bizarre, Hilar­i­ous, Dis­turb­ing, Mar­velous, and Inspir­ing Things I Learned When I Read Every Sin­gle Word of the Bible (David Plotz) com­ing out in March from Harp­er Collins. Plotz, the edi­tor of Slate, who clas­si­fies him­self as proud but not very obser­vant Jew … with a healthy famil­iar­i­ty with the Bible and its core ide­ol­o­gy, main prayer, and moral dic­tates,” began his jour­ney on the pages of Slate, where he emabarked on a year-long project Blog­ging the Bible.” Good Book=the full length inves­ti­ga­tion of this ini­tial ven­ture into the waters of the Bible. Through his inves­ti­ga­tion Plotz finds him­self con­sid­er­ing some of life’s most impor­tant ques­tions: How many com­mand­ments do we actu­al­ly need? Does God pre­fer obe­di­ence to good deeds? Why are so many women in the Bible pros­ti­tutes? Why does God love bald men so much? And…of course… To believe or not to believe….that is the question.