Paper Brigade Vol­ume One


Fea­tur­ing Jonathan Safran Foer, an explo­ration of Israeli crime fic­tion, Etgar Keret and Ann Gold­stein on trans­la­tion, and more. 

Issue one is cur­rent­ly out of print.


A Brief His­to­ry of the Orig­i­nal Paper Brigade
Lenore J. Weitz­man 

Scene of the Crimes
Adam Rovn­er 

Back to Trash
Ezra Glin­ter 

Your Read­er Is Not Your Therapist
Shulem Deen 

Howard Jacob­son and the Jew­ish Question
Bob Gold­farb 

Why Can’t I Be Some­one Else?
Jen­nifer Glaser 

Blood, Guts, and Midrash
Rebec­ca Wigmore 

Over­think­ing Life and Death with Roz Chast
Tah­neer Oksman 

Strug­gling for Truth: 3G Holo­caust Fiction
Rita D. Jacobs 

Chanterelle Schnitzels, Ashke­nazi Kim­chi, and Bourekas
Amelia Salts­man 

Judaism: A Read­ing List
Adam Kirsch 

PB Dai­ly

There Are Nev­er No Jew­ish Books
Gavriel Sav­it 

Soon I’ll Know All the Words They Know
Par­naz Foroutan 

Triv­i­al­iz­ing the Holocaust?
Helen Maryles Shankman 

On Chaim Potok’s The Chosen
Mol­ly Antopol 

My Mom, a Character
Judy Batal­ion 

My Jew­ish Heroes
Jay Neuge­boren 

In the Clear­ing Stands a (Jew­ish) Boxer
Mike Sil­ver 


The Patri­ots
Sana Krasikov 

Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan
Ruth Gilli­gan 

Jerome Charyn 

My Jew­ish Year
Abi­gail Pogrebin 


Lois Lowry, Markus Zusak, and Lau­ra Amy Schlitz 

Jonathan Safran Foer with Josh Lambert 

Etgar Keret and Ann Gold­stein with Mer­rill Lef­fler, Bec­ca Kantor 


Three Poems for Sar­ra Copia Sullam
Esther Schor

Poems from Oasis
Abra­ham Sutzkever 


Silent Retreat
Marisa Sche­in­feld 

New Promise
Rudi Weis­senstein 


Mary Glick­man 

A Jew­ish Lit­er­ary Map of the South
Dani Crick­man, Bec­ca Kantor 

Sami Rohr Prize for Jew­ish Literature

Lisa Moses Leff 

Yehu­dah Mirsky 

Dan Ephron

Aviya Kush­n­er 

Adam D. Mendelsohn 

2016 in Review

Look­ing Back


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