After Effects: A Mem­oir of Com­pli­cat­ed Grief

September 1, 2021

An intense­ly mov­ing and rev­e­la­to­ry mem­oir of endur­ing and emerg­ing from excep­tion­al grief.

In break­ing free of death’s relent­less grip on her life, Andrea Gilats tells her sto­ry of liv­ing with com­pli­cat­ed grief, offer­ing insight and hope to oth­ers who suf­fer as she did. After Effects points toward a path of recu­per­a­tion and pro­vides solace along the way — a time­ly com­fort in our pan­dem­ic-rav­aged world of loss and isolation.

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Cour­tesy of Andrea Gilats