An Obser­vant Wife: A Novel

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September 1, 2020

In this rich and com­pas­sion­ate new nov­el, Nao­mi Ragen con­tin­ues the love sto­ry between new­ly obser­vant Cal­i­for­nia-girl Leah and ultra-Ortho­dox wid­ow­er Yaakov from An Unortho­dox Match.

From the joy of their wed­ding day sur­round­ed by sup­port­ive friends and fam­i­ly, Yaakov and Leah are soon plunged into the com­plex real­i­ty of their new lives togeth­er as Yaakov leaves his beloved yeshi­va to work in the city, and Leah con­fronts the often-ago­niz­ing restric­tions imposed by reli­gious laws gov­ern­ing even the most inti­mate moments of their mar­ried lives. Adding to their dif­fi­cul­ties is the hos­til­i­ty of some in the com­mu­ni­ty who con­tin­ue to view Leah as a dan­ger­ous inter­lop­er, ques­tion­ing her sin­cer­i­ty and adher­ence to reli­gious laws and spread­ing out­ra­geous rumors. In the midst of their heart­felt attempts to reach a bal­ance between their human needs and their spir­i­tu­al oblig­a­tions, the dis­cov­ery of a secret, for­bid­den rela­tion­ship between trou­bled teenage daugh­ter Shain­dele and a local boy pre­cip­i­tates a mael­strom of life-chang­ing con­se­quences for all.

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