Because All Is One

  • From the Publisher
May 13, 2013
What can a mys­ti­cal Span­ish rab­binic sage who wrote and taught 200 years before the Inqui­si­tion tell us about where spir­i­tu­al­ism fits in today’s world? Plen­ty, accord­ing to Rab­bi Ariel Stone, whose new book, Because All Is One, invites read­ers to join her on a jour­ney upon the ancient lad­der of the Sefirot in search of a mean­ing­ful rela­tion­ship with God. Glean­ing her insights from the work of Rab­bi Joseph Gikatil­la, known as Mas­ter of Mir­a­cles,” Rab­bi Stone takes us on a jour­ney across cen­turies of trea­sured wis­dom of mys­tics and schol­ars alike in a this post­mod­ern Kab­bal­is­tic guide to inte­gral spir­i­tu­al life with a vast vision of ulti­mate unity. 

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