Bit­ter­sweet: How Sor­row and Long­ing Make Us Whole

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

#1 New York Times Best­seller Sad­ness is a super­pow­er. In her new mas­ter­piece, the author of the best­selling phe­nom­e­non Qui­et reveals the pow­er of a bit­ter­sweet out­look on life, and why we’ve been so blind to its value.

Bit­ter­sweet­ness is a ten­den­cy to states of long­ing, poignan­cy, and sor­row; an acute aware­ness of pass­ing time; and a curi­ous­ly pierc­ing joy at the beau­ty of the world. It rec­og­nizes that light and dark, birth and death — bit­ter and sweet — are for­ev­er paired.

At a time of pro­found dis­cord and per­son­al anx­i­ety, Bit­ter­sweet brings us togeth­er in deep and unex­pect­ed ways.

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