Con­cealed: Mem­oir of a Jew­ish-Iran­ian Daugh­ter Caught Between the Chador and America

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September 1, 2019

Esther Ami­ni grew up in Queens, New York dur­ing the free­wheel­ing 1960s. She also grew up in a Per­sian-Jew­ish house­hold, an Amer­i­can-born daugh­ter of par­ents who had fled Mash­had, Iran. In Con­cealed, she tells the sto­ry of being caught between these two worlds: the duti­ful daugh­ter of tra­di­tion-bound par­ents who hungers for more self-deter­mi­na­tion than tra­di­tion allows. Explor­ing the roots of her father’s deep silences and explo­sive tem­per, her moth­er’s flam­boy­ance and flights from home, and her own sense of indebt­ed­ness to her Iran­ian-born broth­ers, Ami­ni uncov­ers the sto­ry of her par­ents’ ear­ly years in Mash­had, Iran’s holi­est Mus­lim city; the lit­tle-known his­to­ry of Mash­had’s under­ground Jews; the inci­dent that steeled her moth­er’s resolve to leave; and her par­ents’ ardu­ous jour­ney to the U.S., where they faced a new threat to their tra­di­tions: the threat of free­dom. Deter­mined to pro­tect his daugh­ter from cor­rup­tion, Amini’s father pro­hibits talk, books, edu­ca­tion, and push­es an ear­ly Per­sian mar­riage instead. Can she resist? Should she?

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