Do One Nice Thing: Lit­tle Things You Can Do To Make The World A Lot Nicer

Deb­bie Tenzer
  • Review
By – September 9, 2011

Stop wor­ry­ing about cor­rup­tion, war, eth­nic hatred, crime, and cli­mate change, coun­sels Deb­bie Ten­z­er. Her rec­om­men­da­tion— do a nice thing, and do it once a week. 

That mes­sage has trav­elled so far and fast, she claims, that, thanks to her, peo­ple all over the world are per­form­ing acts of kind­ness on schedule. 

Ten­z­er has writ­ten a warm, pros­e­ly­tiz­ing hand­book that cov­ers a whole range of things peo­ple can do who want to make a gen­uine but lim­it­ed com­mit­ment of time and mon­ey. Her ideas are inex­pen­sive and use­ful, like send­ing shav­ing equip­ment to home­less shel­ters; or sit­ting with a friend recov­er­ing from surgery so his wife can run an errand. A few short accounts of kind works giv­en and received are enclosed. By the end, when the author calls Join us!” read­ers may well be moved to follow. 

High school clubs, ser­vice groups, and reli­gious orga­ni­za­tions will find this a help­ful tool for spread­ing good will. Address­es are added when necessary.

Jane Waller­stein worked in pub­lic rela­tions for many years. She is the author of Voic­es from the Pater­son Silk Mills and co-author of a nation­al crim­i­nal jus­tice study of parole for Rut­gers University.

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