Reli­gion and the Order of Nature

Seyyed Hos­sein Nasr
  • From the Publisher
October 11, 2011
The cur­rent eco­log­i­cal cri­sis is a mat­ter of urgent glob­al con­cern, with solu­tions being sought on many fronts. In this book, Seyyed Hos­sein Nasr argues that the dev­as­ta­tion of our world has been exac­er­bat­ed, if not actu­al­ly caused, by the reduc­tion­ist view of nature that has been advanced by mod­ern sec­u­lar sci­ence. What is need­ed, he believes, is the recov­ery of the truth to which the great, endur­ing reli­gions all attest; name­ly that nature is sacred.

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