Don’t Get Me Started

David Suis­sa
  • From the Publisher
March 4, 2013
Wel­come to the unpre­dictable world of David Suis­sa’s award-win­ning week­ly col­umn. Named Best Colum­nist” by the LA Press Club in 2008, Suis­sa has select­ed some of his favorite columns and assem­bled them in one book: Don’t Get Me Start­ed. 

You will read about his 22-State Solu­tion” to the Mid­dle East cri­sis as well as his King’s Speech” mes­sage of rec­on­cil­i­a­tion from a Jew­ish leader to the Arab world. You will read his civ­il cri­tiques of J Street and Peter Beinart, as well as his can­did cri­tiques of Israeli pol­i­cy and PR strategy. 

From the notion of Aim­ing High­er” dur­ing the High Hol­i­days to the dead­en­ing effect of the Face­book Blues,” Suis­sa will chal­lenge you to see com­mon issues in a dif­fer­ent way. 

In his Jew­ish Jour­nal cov­er sto­ry, Can We Argue With­out Fight­ing?” he explores the rea­sons for the intense divi­sions in the Jew­ish com­mu­ni­ty and sug­gests some ground rules for con­struc­tive engage­ment. Suis­sa rails against the miss­ing class” in Jew­ish edu­ca­tion and the miss­ing nour­ish­ment in mod­ern syn­a­gogues. He takes the gloves off when he has to, but also seeks out sto­ries and ideas that inspire. 

This book includes many of Suis­sa’s neigh­bor­hood” columns, where he pro­files a Cof­fee Bean employ­ee with Down Syn­drome, a Holo­caust sur­vivor with an inno­v­a­tive peace plan and a social activist-rab­bi-pro­fes­sor lament­ing the mod­ern dumb­ing down” of Judaism.

You’ll read about a man’s pas­sion for Agnon, anoth­er man’s pas­sion for expos­ing U.N. hypocrisy and an Amer­i­can soc­cer mom who goes under­cov­er to expose ter­ror­ists. You’ll hear about Suis­sa’s sam­pling of home­made hum­mus in a Pales­tin­ian refugee camp, a sto­ry on the For­got­ten Refugees” of Sephardic Jew­ry and why Amer­i­ca’s future might be bet­ter served by a Cof­fee Party.”

Whether you’re Jew­ish or not, reli­gious or sec­u­lar, lib­er­al or con­ser­v­a­tive, you are bound to find ideas and insights in this book that will light some sparks.

With equal part humor, clar­i­ty and can­dor, Don’t Get Me Start­ed might even get you started.”

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