Elisha Davidson and the Shamir

Menorah Books  2017


The third and final installment in the Elisha Davidson trilogy finds young Elisha facing the momentous events that have been building up portentously in this kabbalistic adventure tale.

King Solomon; the mysterious, elusive Shamir; a Kohen Gadol in disguise; the evil "Other," and a full cast of additional colorful characters, both righteous and troublesome, each play their part in determining the fate of the Jewish people as events speed up in a terrifying way. The story is set against a backdrop of the Old City of today's Jerusalem with ancient mystery playing off modern technology in taut and precarious balance. Can Elisha and the forces of good save the day against the evildoers who want only destruction? Readers won't find out until the action-packed end.

The text is followed by a glossary which explains Jewish and kabbalistic terms referred to in the story, and a list of the author’s sources. Recommended for readers ages 12 and up who like action and are intrigued by Kabbalah.

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