Find­ing the Words: Work­ing Through Pro­found Loss with Hope and Purpose

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

Col­in Camp­bell offers an hon­est account of his jour­ney through pro­found loss and grief while pro­vid­ing guid­ance and prac­ti­cal tools for oth­ers going through sim­i­lar expe­ri­ences. Camp­bel­l’s book is a pow­er­ful and per­son­al explo­ration of grief, as he shares his expe­ri­ence of los­ing both his teenage chil­dren, Ruby and Hart, when a drunk dri­ver hit their car and changed a pleas­ant fam­i­ly out­ing into the worst day imag­in­able. With the help of their rab­bi, Camp­bell and his wife leaned heav­i­ly on the Jew­ish tra­di­tions of mourn­ing as they griev­ed. Those tra­di­tions — the bur­ial, sit­ting Shi­va, recit­ing the Mourn­er’s Kad­dish, mark­ing the end of Shloshim—taught Camp­bell valu­able lessons about how to grieve and keep your com­mu­ni­ty close in times of pain. Those lessons became cen­tral to his jour­ney through grief. He learned how to cre­ate his own mean­ing­ful rit­u­als. In the book, he address­es the fear, pain, denial, guilt, rage, despair, and iso­la­tion that accom­pa­nies grief and he encour­ages read­ers to find com­mu­ni­ty and rit­u­al in the face of loss.

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