We’ll Always See the Same Moon

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

It’s so hard to under­stand dying and to move for­ward with our grief at any age. We’ll Always See the Same Moon attempts to pro­vide a sim­ple, heart­warm­ing guide to chil­dren and their read­ers, where hope and opti­mism illu­mi­nate a path to peace and mean­ing, where hap­py mem­o­ries and endur­ing love have the pow­er to soft­en the pain and sad­ness of loss and grief. Even when our loved ones pass away, and we can no longer see, touch, talk to, or feel them, the love and close­ness we shared, can always stay with us. Told in a way that chil­dren can relate to, eas­i­ly under­stand, iden­ti­fy with and apply to their own lives, this book explains how love is like an invis­i­ble thread that will always con­nect us with those we love.

We’ll Always See the Same Moon sug­gests a way to hon­or and remem­ber our loved ones, by keep­ing them close in our hearts forever.

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