From Sun to Sun

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September 1, 2023

From Sun to Sun presents two par­al­lel sto­ries sep­a­rat­ed by 25 cen­turies. The first is set in mod­ern New York City, fea­tur­ing a hard-work­ing smart-mouthed Lati­na inves­ti­ga­tor, Felic­i­ty Orte­ga Pérez, as she hunts for a miss­ing per­son who holds the clue to an ancient mys­tery. 

The ancient sto­ry is a rad­i­cal revi­sion of the bib­li­cal Book of Ruth. When her hus­band dies under strange cir­cum­stances, Ruth must join the exiles return­ing to Jerusalem to rebuild the Tem­ple in order to secure a future for her­self and her griev­ing moth­er-in-law, Nao­mi. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the return­ing exiles include reli­gious lead­ers who plan to puri­fy” the land by expelling all the for­eign women.

It is a tale of love, devo­tion, and sac­ri­fice depict­ing the chal­lenges fac­ing two deter­mined women as they con­front igno­rance, hatred, and indif­fer­ence in their pur­suit of jus­tice — a seem­ing­ly end­less strug­gle in a time of social upheaval, flu­id iden­ti­ties, and diverse cross-cul­tur­al com­plex­i­ties. This nov­el is about who gets to decide who’s one of us and who’s a for­eign­er, and what it takes to prove you belong.

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