Has Your Child Been Trau­ma­tized?: How to Know and What to Do to Pro­mote Heal­ing and Recovery

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

When your child has been through an upset­ting or stress­ful event, it can feel over­whelm­ing. Is your child trau­ma­tized? Are new behav­iors nor­mal, or are they signs of PTSD? What can you do to make your child feel safe again? Psy­chol­o­gist Melis­sa Gold­berg Mintz knows what is need­ed to sup­port a trau­ma­tized child — and she knows that lov­ing par­ents play the most impor­tant role. In this wise and author­i­ta­tive guide, Dr. Gold­berg Mintz shares spe­cif­ic, crit­i­cal infor­ma­tion and insights into what trau­ma looks like at dif­fer­ent ages, why some kids exposed to the same event react very dif­fer­ent­ly, how to help your child through trau­ma trig­gers, when to seek pro­fes­sion­al help, and more. She pro­vides cru­cial tools for ensur­ing that your child does­n’t feel con­strained by fear — and can face future chal­lenges with hope and resilience.

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