I Was A Child

Blue Rider Press  2015


Bruce Eric Kaplan, also known as BEK, is one of the most celebrated and admired cartoonists in America. I Was a Child is the story of his childhood in words and drawings, in which he recalls growing up in New Jersey with his parents and two older brothers. Sibling rivalries, visits to grandparents, first days of school, and the inevitable decline and death of his parents are treated with quick wit and tender observation. It would seem like a conventional childhood, although Kaplan's anecdotes are accompanied by his signature drawings of family outings and life at home—road trips, milk crates, hamsters, ashtrays, wigs, a platypus, and much more. Kaplan's cartoons, though simple, are never straightforward; they encompass an easy irony and dark humor that often cuts straight to the truth of experience. Brilliantly relatable and genuinely moving, I Was a Child is an essential book for fans of this inimitable artist and a beautiful gift for any reader.

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