Inward Bound: A Guide to Under­stand­ing Kabbalah

Rab­bi Nis­san Dovid Dubov
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By – March 2, 2012

Inward Bound joins the many books on the sub­ject of Kab­bal­ah to have hit the shelves over the last few years. Kabal­lah cen­tered works fall into sev­er­al dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories: his­tor­i­cal, self-help, and sum­maries. In this acces­si­ble guide, Rab­bi Nis­san Dovid Dubov cross­es these bound­aries, sum­ma­riz­ing, and explain­ing, and then adding a lit­tle twist of self-help. 

Inward Bound is about a spe­cif­ic type of Kab­bal­ah, the Kab­bal­ah of Chabad-Lubav­itch. In his writ­ings the author elu­ci­dates the teach­ings of his mas­ters, the var­i­ous Lubav­itch­er rebbes and their teachers 

These teach­ings have had an enor­mous impact on Judaism today, much as they have had for the past twen­ty-five years. This book enables us to real­ize how Chabad has affect­ed not only the Jew­ish world but also the world at large, as well as the world’s per­cep­tion of Jews and Judaism. 

That said, it is impor­tant to point out that there is a vast amount of lit­er­a­ture avail­able ana­lyz­ing oth­er approach­es to Kabbalah.

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